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How I turned $500 into $4,000 in 14 months!

Hi my name is Steve Hoven, I have trading the markets, (stocks, futures, forex, etc..) on and off since I was 18. Mostly off then on. And with very limited success until the last couple of years.

This ebook though focuses on the stock trading I am doing for my website

I have long had a interest in stocks actually I took a little money back in 1992 and made a good % off the value that I was able to buy my first computer. That was the goal going into buying that stock. It was a small gold mining stock that ran up in value in a few months and I cashed out and went shopping for my first computer.

In the 15 years since that time, I have been in many stocks, futures trades, and forex trades. But never with that specific of a goal in mind. (IE sell the stock so I can buy a computer.) Over the years I have had some success and some failures but with the successes the money seemed to go to other expenses or things that I needed etc.. So money was never really built up. Which is a lot like many people who get a raise one year and end up spending it all and then wondering where it all went.

Well back in the fall of 2005 I decided to dedicate a portion of my investment funds with specific goals. I would make it a level that anyone could do and would make the amount small enough that I wouldn’t have to touch the principal for other needs.

I have been in many stocks myself and seen many others that have gone up tremendously in a short time so I decided to focus on that. I did research on stocks that had a 52 week High - 52 week Low that was 100% difference. In other words a stock that had a low of $5 needed to have a high of $10. I found a GREAT NUMBER of stocks each year that doubled in price.

I wanted to start small and with the online broker you can deposit and start with as little as $500.

I wanted to give each stock 1 year in order to double. So if I got in a stock at $5 I would give it 1 year in order for the stock price to be $10. I would exit on a double in price no matter if I think it could go a lot higher or not. If it took the stock only 6 months to double I would get out.

When I say double in price I mean the stock goes up 100%. So a $5 stock would go to $10. Or a $1 stock goes to $2, or $50 stock goes to $100.

I wanted to see if getting to $1,000,000 starting with just $500 was possible. And on paper it sure is.

If you can find 1 stock each year to double you could turn $500 into over $1 million in 11 years. Here is the breakdown on that....

Start with $500

Of course that is just on paper you can make anything you want on paper.

Those figures aren’t including commissions or taxes either.

So I decided to put it into practice on October 31st 2005.

I have specific rules in place which are….

1. Get out of the stock once it doubles.

2. Take all proceeds from the sale of the stock and put it into the next stock.

3. Have a total risk per trade of 35-50% per trade depending on the stock.

4. Start with $500 which is something everyone could start with. (I put $550 the $50 to cover commissions for a while)


Now it’s time to find the stocks to buy.


How I pick a stock is through a LOT of research. I research 100's and 100's of stocks first looking to see if there is a double factor in them. (In other words was the low and the high at least 100% move?) If so I put it in a group to look at later. After I have narrowed it down I look through about 100 stocks and look at the chart, earnings etc.. And usually that narrows it down to 15-25 stocks. At that time I do a bit more research on the chart, earnings, book value, float, etc, etc... I try and narrow it down to 5 stocks that I like and out of the 5 I pick the one that I like the best. I send out all 5 stocks to subscribers and let them know which one I picked.

I ONLY INVEST IN ONE OF THE 5 STOCKS FOR THE STOCKDOUBLING.COM PROJECT. The other 4 stocks are just for information on what was in the running etc..

My first stock I bought for the project was GENEREX BIOTECHNOLOGY (GNBT) I bought 400 shares at $1.24 for a total of $496.

They dealt with different types of drugs but the exciting one was the Bird FLU vaccine which was a hot topic in the news around that time. The stock had good momentum at the time I purchased the stock. I entered the stock at $1.24 on October 31st 2005 based on the momentum of the stock and the story. The stock stalled and went under $1. Actually it was pretty close to my .80 exit level for a while. Most of Nov, Dec, Jan, it was under a $1 and I was losing money. In Late Jan. and Feb. the stock took off and on Feb 27th 2006 I exited the stock at $2.48 for a double in 4 months. (You can see the actual broker screenshots on the site.)

The other 4 picks also performed very well 3 of the 4 other stocks ended up doubling and the 4th stock reached 75% up. Those 4 other stocks were CESV (which ended up getting delisted after its double) GEOI (which only reached 75% up) XING, and TBV which both doubled.

I now had about $1000 account after my first stock doubled.


I took 3 months off before making my next pick. I was busy with selling my home, moving to a different state, and many other things. I didn’t have the extra time needed to put into finding the next stock.

In mid/late May 2006 I found the time to do the research. And on May 24th 2006 I entered my second stock for this project…

PSI TECHNOLOGIES HOLDINGS INC (PSIT) I BOUGHT 1000 SHARES AT .75 AND 300 AT .789. Average price of .759 for 1300 shares for a total of $987.

PSIT deals with semiconductors. It was a turnaround story or so I had hoped. Here is an portion of the email I sent to subscribers back on May 24th 2006.……

This company has a book value of over $2. (In other words if you broke it up right now you could get $2 a share for it.) I like the chart has been stuck in between .60-.80 for this calendar year. A Break above .80 would be a great thing. A break below .60 and I may consider getting out. It has revenues over $80 million and a market cap of less than $10 million. Downside it doesn't make any money. Actually it losing a LOT of money. But it starting to lose money more slowly and the last couple quarters of this year will be even better for revenue. They are a turnaround story (hopefully) they are consolidating some things trying to save money etc...

Downside though is I would probably bail if I got a close below .50. (So about 33% risk) Upside I think if does turn around it could easily be a double in the 12 months.
Another downside is it is not a very liquid stock. Only 13 million shares outstanding and some days like yesterday it didn't have any volume. “

PSIT was a very thinly traded stock. Many days it didn’t have any trading on it. Other days only 3,000-5,000 for the whole day. The stock didn’t do much of anything for 4 months from the time I bought it until September 27th 2006 the stock basically traded between the mid .60’s and the mid .80’s.


The stock opened and had some early volume and was moving up nicely but no news was out yet. The stock opened at .75 so roughly the price I got into the stock for. Volume really picked up and the stock started to move up to .80-.90. I didn’t have a limit order in. (Limit order to exit the trade on a double.) The reason I didn’t have one in is we were 100% from my exit point I needed $1.52 in order to get a double so we weren’t even close to that.

Well I was busy with a few other things that day so didn’t have my eye on the stock that much. I was on the phone with my brother when I happened to look the stock price and it was around $1.80!!! I was blown away I YELLED to my brother “SORRY I GOT GO!” CLICK I tried to see what was going on things were moving SUPER FAST! I put in a market order to sell all 1300 shares and ended up getting filled at $2.00!! The stock eventually went up to $2.25 but it was VERY VERY FAST.

PSIT actually ended up trading 2.7 million shares for the day!! Normally trading less than 5,000! The stock actually closed the day under .70 for the day. As I said that rally was very very fast. It only was above $2 for a very short time that day. It was very strange day. From what I understand their was an online newsletter that recommended the stock and due to the thin trading of the stock, PSIT really took off.

So even though I only needed $1.52 for my double I ended up getting $2 due to me not having a limit order in place. So I had $2 x 1300 shares or $2600. PSIT was entered on May 24th and exited on September 28th 2006 or just over 4 months like the first stock.

(PSIT eventually went down to support at around .50 but since has rallied in a big way and as of this writing winter 2007 PSIT is now over $2 again. So the turnaround has been working and wasn’t just a 1 day bounce.)

My account for Project now stood at $2600 after the 2nd double.


Due to the big move on the PSIT I was well over the $2,000 that I should have had based on the chart above. I wanted to keep with that chart as close as possible. (IE $500 to $1,000 to $2000 to $4000 etc..) So I figured I would fix it with this next stock. So I only needed the next stock to go up about 54% due to the $2600 I had. So a 54% return on $2600 would mean I would be at my target of $4000. So the goal of this stock was only a 54% return.

I took a couple weeks to find the 3rd pick. On October 16th 2006 I entered my third pick……


HIHO deals with manufacturing of LCD lights etc.. Here is a little bit of what I wrote about HIHO in the original email that went out on October 16th 2006 to subscribers.

I got into the stock this morning at $4.28 with 607 shares. (Bought it a little higher than I wanted to. But I think its good long term trade. (12 months) (I also don't need quite a double either to get to the $4,000 target.)

This company is making money and are selling off poor performing products etc.. They even pay a Dividend which is amazing for such a small company. They have about 3.5 million shares outstanding and are worth about $14 million market cap. They are growing revenue quickly with their new business even though they are discontinuing there old business. They will have some costs involved with the new business opening a plant etc.. But they have a good amount of cash vs debt.

They paid out .20 Dividend 3 times over a year period from August 05 to August 06. That alone .60 based on today's price is about 14% return! Normally I don't look at that stuff but hey if they want to pay it GREAT!

I was looking at this stock a week + ago when it was in the mid $3's and I like it a LOT at that price. At this price I think it is also a great deal but I think it will take longer to double than if I could have gotten it .75 cents cheaper. (Which is obvious I guess)

On the downside their is good support in the $3 range and again in the $2.50-$2.70 range. If it closed below $2.50 I would probably exit the trade. Which is roughly a 40% loss.”

HIHO traded between $4-$4.50 for a couple of weeks after I bought the stock. The company then came out with earnings that were a bit disappointing on the earnings side. They earned .16 their first quarter and only .05 their 2nd quarter. The stock got hammered and eventually went to the strong support of $3.30.

The company had a book value of $3.50 and still had .21 earnings for the first 2 quarters of the year so at those levels with that support it was undervalued. The share price bounced around from $3.30-$3.50 for a while. The company then announced they were going to pay a .16 per share dividend. The stock firmed up to the high $3’s low $4’s. At $4 a .16 dividend is a 4% return and they usually pay these twice a year so that is like getting 8% a year (assuming they were going to pay another one in July/August) And to have a company with a book value of $3.50 and they are earning money and growing their revenue it was a low risk stock.

They paid out the dividend in early December and with my 607 shares x .16 = $97 they paid me. Although I was still down a little bit on the share price. I was hoping to purchase additional shares of HIHO from the dividend money but I wanted to buy the shares in the $3.50 level. It didn’t get that low again though it bounced around from $3.70-$3.90 in mid/late December.

We started 2007 with a BANG THOUGH! HIHO opened January 3rd and had a ton of volume to start. The stock had over 1.9 million in volume (the company has about 3.5 million outstanding shares.) The stock traded as high as $6.63.

I put in a limit order to sell my shares at $6.43. I got filled at $6.47 and sold all 607 shares.

So 607 shares x $6.47 = $3927 add that to the $97 in dividend earnings HIHO paid me and my total stands at $4024! Remember I didn’t need a double on this stock I only needed to get it to $4000.

My account exited HIHO on January 3rd and had a total of $4024. HIHO was entered on October 16th and exited on January 3rd or roughly 2.5 months for a 50%+ gain. We are now back on the track for the chart as well.

So after 3 stocks my account stands at just over $4000 after starting with just $500 only 14 months earlier. That is a 700% return in 14 months!!

My goal was to get a double every 12 months. In 14 months (actually only about 10.5 months of being in the markets) I had 3 stocks that either doubled or meet my needs. So instead of it taking 36 months (3 years) it took just 14 months. I was 22 months ahead of schedule!

I have 3 stocks down and 8 to go for the $1,000,000 goal.


I usually wait a couple weeks from selling a stock to picking my next. That does a couple things for me. I am not picking a stock while I am still on the “high” of exiting my last stock. It helps me focus on the next stock with very little bearing on what happened before. I NEVER research “the Next pick” until I have exited the current stock I am in. I feel that would confuse things and just open more opportunity to want to exit the current stock and move on to the “next hot one.” Once I am in a stock I am in it until the goal is reached or the stop is reached. (So far it has all been reaching the goal which is great.) That is why I take my time in doing the research in finding the stock.

That being said I entered my 4th pick for the project on January 25th 2007 the stock I picked was……


Here is a little bit of what I wrote in the January 25th 2007 email that went to subscribers.

The Stock I picked is ATSI Communications Inc. (ATSX) (Even though the company's name is ATSI THE SYMBOL IS ATSX SO PLEASE WATCH THAT!)

The stock trades on the bulletin board. You go to yahoo finance in ATSX for the symbol it will give you ATSX.OB.

I purchased 17,500 shares at .23 for a total purchase of $4025 (Not including commissions)

The company deals with VOIP and their sales have been exploding upwards the last year +. Their 2nd quarter ends on Jan. 31st. They could come out after the quarter ends with a preview of what the revenue will be. They may even have earnings which would be HUGE!

Their 1st quarter they had positive cash flow and revenue of $6.5 million. For all of last fiscal year they did under $15 million in revenue. Conservatively they should do at least $25 million in revenue this fiscal year. Probably closer to $30+million but I like to be conservative. They currently have a market cap of less then $5 million.

They have about 20 million shares outstanding but they are continuing to print more and more which is one of the drawbacks to this stock. But I figure even if they have 25 million shares outstanding and earn $25 million in revenue if they get a 1 to 1 Price/sales ratio that would be a $1 stock. Of course for this project I would get out below .50 so I only need 1/2 that. So their is room for this to move.

The stock looks to have some support in the .20 range but if it breaks that could go as low as .13. I don't have a stop in place but I would be more worried if it fell below .20 and was in the teens.

A couple things that could drive the stock lower.

1. If the revenue slows dramatically and they lose clients.

2. If they can never turn a profit.

3. If they just continue to print more and more shares. (This I think would be the most likely of the 4 options but I have added an additional 25% to the outstanding shares now for a cushion. And even if they had 30 million shares trading at .50 would mean the company is worth $15 million market cap which if the company has revenue of $25-$30 million and is earning a couple cents a year and growing at 50-100% it would still be worth it.)

4. They have some debt they need to get rid of but with a profitable company they can do that.

The management team seems to care about the shareholders and are running a lean operation. They have less than 10 employees but can generate that kind of revenue! It is a low margin business but with the growth things look to be turning up.

The stock price was up to .35 back in Nov-Dec of 2006 and has fallen back. I think with a good release on 2nd quarter #'s especially if they can turn a profit even of .01 this stock will really move.”

This is the only stock of the 4 picks that actually moved up quickly after I picked it. A few reasons for that and one being that .20 area was very good support. The other was due to the increased revenue and possible earnings. The company should not be worth less than $5 million that is doing $6-7 million in revenue per quarter! The other 3 stocks I seemed to get in after a rally. This stock pulled back just before I entered so I got a good price. The stock didn’t go up due to my subscriber base as the volume after I picked the stock was not much different from the average volume on ATSX over the last 3 months.

On March 19th ATSX came out with their 10Q. On March 20th the CEO made some comments on the company. I was out of town for a funeral so I didn't have the time right away to look dive into the information. However when I did get the chance man was I DISAPPOINTED!!

The main concern I had with the company going in was could they keep the # of shares outstanding down. (You can read that above the #3 issue what I thought could drive the stock lower.) Well they weren't able to do that. On top of that revenue growth is slowing quarter over quarter. And Net earnings aren't adding up to much. On top of that loans they have outstanding etc.. Will probably add more to the # of shares outstanding in the coming months.

I felt mislead by the Investor Relations that ATSX uses as well. They kept telling me the company is only looking to have 22-24 million shares outstanding. Well that was WAY off. And looking further in their 10Q I could forsee close to 40 million shares outstanding within 6 months.

That all being said I needed a .46 share price in order to get my double. And even with 30 million shares outstanding I didn't know if that would be doable with the kind of net earnings ATSX will be doing. So instead of being stuck with the stock for possible years I decided to exit the stock at basically breakeven. (I made 1/2 cent per share.)

So after my ATSX exit 17,500 shares at .235 that is roughly $4100.  I exited on March 22nd 2007.


I felt burned by ATSX with the whole additional shares fiasco.  And I vowed I wouldn't let that happen again. ATSX was also the first stock for the project that I hadn't gotten to my goal so it was disappointing. The good thing is I realized ATSX wasn't going anywhere pretty quickly and was able to pull the trigger and exit the position. I actually made a small profit on ATSX though I was disappointed.  

Rather than look at the the "OTHER STOCKS" from the January 25th picks I decided to start FRESH.  With NEW research (it was a good thing as the Jan 25th round had a lot of DUDS!) So I did the research and found the stock I wanted to buy.

I entered my 5th pick for the project on April 9th 2007 the stock I picked was……


Here is a little bit of what I wrote to my StockDoubling members on April 9th...

"This company has announced some big orders for their products in the last couple of months. They should grow revenue dramatically especially for the first 2 quarters. The stock has moved up some already though due to that news. Last year they did roughly $10 million in revenue I would think they could do $15-$20 million this year. The Ceo owns 2/3rds of the stock but they are filing their 10k in a few days/week which I would rather have that information in front of me before buying. How much in earnings could they really do? I don't know could be .03-.10 if it is on the lower end the RISK of this stock could be a good deal. With roughly 30 million shares and if it does $15 million in revenue that is a 2 to 1 price to sales ratio. The real question is will the orders they have announced turn into additional orders for now and the future. In the past the company has been stagnate as far as growth so is this year a fluke or can they really continue to grow?

Their seems to be decent support at .45 and .40 if it breaks that then .30. I would probably exit the trade below .30 if it got that low. On the upside they have hit their 52 week high in the low .60's a few weeks ago. If that breaks it could head toward $1.

They should have a couple of monster Q1 (will be out by May 15th) and Q2 (Will be out by August 15th) year over year which could really move the stock. Especially if the company can produce a couple cents per share in each quarter.
It does have some risks if they can't produce additional orders or if they can't turn a profit this could go down to .30."

DFNS went up nicely and hit .70 (up 40%) within about 6 weeks after my purchase. Then the stock traded in a range from .55-.65 from May-October.

Well, that was then.  Today is Fall of 2008 and DFNS is in the low/mid .20's.  And sorry to say I am STILL IN THIS STOCK!

Looking back at the email I wrote on April 9th I hit it dead on.  The problem was I didn't listen to my own advice.

DFNS did have great growth.  They actually did over $19 million in revenue last year which was in my $15-$20 million estimate. They earned .04 though which was on the lower end and if it did that the RISK would be a good deal.   The in the past the company has been stagnate line as far as growth was dead on.   Was DFNS revenue last year really a fluke?  Based on 2008 #'s more than likely YES.  They will probably do in the area of $13-$15 million for 2008 which will be down from the $19 million last year. Also will they be able to make money?  That question I don't have the answer to.

Where I screwed up though is here.....   I said that I would probably exit the trade below .30 (which would have been a 40% risk overall.)
In general all my stocks have had a risk of about 30-40% per trade.  That way you conserve capital and when you are wrong you take the hit and move on.
DFNS first broke the .30 area in December of 2007.  So if I would have sold at that point I would have a 40% loss and could have moved on with $2400 in capital and went to find another stock.  

But I broke a cardinal rule in stock trading and I FEEL IN LOVE with DFNS.   Not only that I wanted to be RIGHT! After the ATSX issues I didn't want to have 2 bad trades in a row. And for the first 6 months in DFNS I was up almost that whole time 10-20%.  

If things would have changed in a MAJOR way IE the company was a scam, or I didn't see ANY potential at all that the stock could go higher I would have gotten out.  But the point is I didn't get out when I was suppose.   Now I am down 50-60% on this stock and need a double from current levels just to break even.   When you are risking that much on a stock you will get burned!

When my head was the clearest (right after I did all the intial research) I said my risk was .30.   Yes I did some research on DFNS but I hadn't the time and the emotions tied up into the company that I did 6-9 months later.   I let the emotions of being right and DFNS #'s etc... Get the better of me rather than the #'s do the talking.

I think DFNS still has potential and actually if TODAY was the first day I heard of DFNS I would consider it for the StockDoubling project.  A lot of things have improved for example their cash position.  They got a millions from the Government so they have about as much cash as the company marketcap.
DFNS has a book value in the low to mid .40 range
DFNS has cash/short term investments in the .25 range
DFNS management still owns 60%+ of the company.

Do I think I will get a double from my .50 entry at this point in DFNS?  NO

Do I think DFNS could double from the current prices in the low/mid .20's?  YES, YES, YES

So that is why I am staying with DFNS I think the worst is over and if the company can expand sales/earnings I think they will be ok.

If they fail with all the cash they have then it is another story.  But if they invest in other businesses well  (OH I WISH THEY WOULD ANNOUNCE A BUYBACK) I think they will be fine.

I actually think they are going to have a nice Q3 surprise and may send this stock back into the .30's we will see.  If its another losing quarter all bets are off.

They need to release their Q3 results by November 15th.

When I sell DFNS I don't know.  I will keep members posted on the StockDoubling blog.

What goes into my picks???

How I pick a stock is through a LOT of research. I research 100's and 100's of stocks first looking to see if there is a double factor in them. (In other words was the low and the high at least 100% move?) If so I put it in a group to look at later. After I have narrowed it down I look through about 100 stocks and look at the chart, earnings etc.. And usually that narrows it down to 15-25 stocks. At that time I do a bit more research on the chart, earnings, book value, float, etc, etc... I try and narrow it down to 5 stocks that I like and out of the 5 I pick one that I like the best. I send out all 5 stocks to subscribers and let them know which one I picked.

Is this just beginners luck?

Could be only God knows. But if you look at ALL the stocks that have been in the running they have a very good record. As I said I narrow all my research down to 5 stocks and then I pick the stock I feel is best of the bunch. I only put my $$$ for the project in one of the stocks but I send the other 4 stocks and my thoughts to subscribers. Below you will find a list of those stocks and the date they were included. You can look for their prices on those dates to see how they performed. (This information doesn’t include the information I posted on each stock and where I felt it could go support/resistance etc..) They are in random order I DO NOT RANK THE OTHER STOCKS.

October 31st 2005 OTHER STOCKS (GNBT was the pick and doubled in 4 months)


Of those 4 stocks 3 of the 4 doubled from their October 31st levels. The only one that didn’t was GEOI which went up about 75%. CESV has since been delisted.

May 24th 2006 OTHER STOCKS (PSIT was the pick and doubled in 4 months)


Of those 4 stocks only TBSI and TBUS have performed well.

October 16th 2006 OTHER STOCKS (HIHO was the pick and got my exit in 2.5 months)


Of those stocks all were up AT LEAST 70% from their October 16th prices.

January 25th 2007 OTHER STOCKS (ATSX was the pick and exited in less than 2 months)


I had 5 "OTHER STOCKS" at this point instead of the usual 4 (I included ETLT again as an other stock.)

Of those 5 stocks ETLT, ALDA both popped 25% within weeks however maxed out. CBMX has doubled but it has taken over a year to do so.  GV and SNMO were both duds.

April 9th 2007  OTHER STOCKS
 (DFNS was the pick and as of October 2008 I am still in the stock.)


Of those Other Stocks TSSW, CAGC, AYSI all doubled within about 6 months.  AYSI went up about 50% at its height.

Out of the 21 OTHER stocks 13 of those stocks have gone up 70% or more!  That is 62% of the "OTHER STOCKS" that have doubled or almost doubled!

And out of the 26 TOTAL STOCKS (21 OTHER STOCKS + 5 StockDoubling Picks) 22 of 26 of those stocks have gone up at least 25%!  That is a 84%

I think that is a pretty good indicator over the course of 3 years now that the picks have been quite solid and it isn’t just getting lucky on a few trades. But that is for you to decide.


Go to and read the site and all the information on getting my picks and you can get your own stocks researched by me.

I hope you enjoy the StockDoubling project as much as I do.

I wish you the best in your trading.

God Bless

Steve Hoven

Steve @